In an age of too much information and too many messages competing for our attention, we created Beauty Beyond to cut through the clutter and simplify the lives of our friends… and now you. Few of us have the time to stay current on every new product or ingredient. With the market continually evolving, it can be overwhelming when it comes to making skincare and makeup choices that are right for us. That’s where we come in. We are a highly personalized, concierge service with no allegiance to any brand or any monthly sales goal we are tasked to hit. We are truly inspired to customize experiences and routines that work for our many unique clients. 

Our philosophy is simple. Living a healthy, balanced life is the key to success. Empowering women with the very best tools to help them feel young, vibrant and beautiful is our passion and our mission.

Shannon and Simone of Beauty Beyond

Simone Capelouto

Has spent 18 years in the fashion industry, modeling in, Europe, the US and Japan and working with world-renowned makeup artists for Elle, Marie Claire and Bazaar magazine. Upon her return home to Cape Town, South Africa, she was recruited to manage a top modeling agency where she continued to build relationships with international clients, models, photographers and makeup artists as well as an eye for the very best in style and beauty. After years of helping her friends look their most beautiful and ignoring their advice to expand her circle of influence, Simone founded Beauty Beyond to empower women everywhere.

Shannon Soller

After beginning her career as a makeup artist, Shannon continued her love and creativity for education by working in product development, marketing and sales for companies such as Estee Lauder Group, Fresh and adidas. She loves looking for niche brands and feels that when it comes to the beauty industry, we are in a time of information overload. Sometimes too much information is not always a good thing. Wanting to be that filter and help streamline these products for her clients, Shannon believes Beauty Beyond will provide not only a valuable service but bring education and customer service back into the retail environment.

Both women believe that beauty is rooted in self-confidence and that women owe it to each other to share their knowledge. Self-esteem is a rite of passage passed from mother to daughter and amplified in the presence of friends. Their greatest hope is that their own daughters will avoid the anxieties associated with beauty and grow up feeling in charge and empowered.